About me

angie heart photography




​My romance with the photography world started when I first got my brand new film camera, when I was just at the age of six years old. Ever since then, I had a few more cameras. (All birthdays presents, with my own saving budget). Each one of them more advanced, and more exciting, and a whole new machine to see the world through.



Camera is a powerful machine, because it can capture things that we can't always see... like souls & feeling. I first discovered the portrait world, when I was 17 years old. And I fell in love. I love to show people how they look from my eyes. And their reaction is something I can re-watch over and over again. There is two things that I'm finding fascinating: Humanity & Nature. And I love to combine them both in my work, because when they two meet, it feels like magic.​



Hand in hand with that, comes what makes this even more exciting: Fashion & Art. I like to let people surprise me with their true self, by representing to me their true colors. It can be clothes, and it can be a completely bare skin. Each way, they telling a story.


My photography is work in progress, which mean, that I'm still young and exploring this place with my eyes, (and my lens) wide open. They say: "There is more than meets the eye", I want to show this "more". Hope you enjoy my work, as much as I enjoy to create it.