On May 22th at 3am my picture got published and featured on Vogue Italia online magazine.This picture is the first picture in my new project called "MODERN WONDERLAND".This is my story and my own modern version to the "Alice in wonderland".I wanted the picture to have a very naive and soft look, like it was out of a children's fairytale book.The girl and the rabbit are both turning their faces from the camera so the person who see the picture, can take it wherever he want to. 

MFW 2019

It's been almost a month since I packed my bags and camera and took a plane to attend one of the most fashionable weeks of the year. I landed in Milan on Monday 18th, Two days before the official start of the fashion week.My dear friend who is also my makeup and hair artist and I rented a lovely Airbnb apartment in Milan and there is where we spend all of our crazy busy scedual.I was in charge of many personal and agencies shoots,But my highlight of this week was the invitation I got from "Emerging Talents Milan".They invited me to come and take place in the "Fall Winter 2019/20 runway show".This agency giving the opportunity to a small and new designers to participate and expose there work to the public eye. I am all in when it comes to give a stage and a voice to new artist.This is why I was happy and excited to be part of this event.In the show you could find designers from Singapore, Russia and Latvia.