​I called this self portrait “Rosie”
I always loved this name. 
So pure, just like a flower soul.
When I succeed to escape from my past, I found myself at the dead end of the mad maze I was in. 
In my long runway, without even noticing I started to grow walls around myself, so I will be protected from the outside world, that made me a fugitive. 
I was fragile, and step by step I turned my dead feelings into a new growth that ended up as the most beautiful garden on earth.
With time the garden turned me into a flower too. And one day, after the storm was over, and the sun came out, I realized that I don’t remember how to be human anymore. 
I turned myself into a fragile being that couldn’t survive the world outside. And in that day I knew that I was trapped. I was trapped in the most beautiful garden inside my head.